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NOTE: Bastien and Associates, Inc. is the architect of Chapman University's CHAPMAN STUDIOS featured in this article.

Film School Daze; The more aspiring filmmakers see college as their ticket to Hollywood, the more such specialized programs are proliferating around the country.

The Los Angeles Times
Nov 18, 2001

Architect's New Office Is 'Haunting'

The hallway shown has been installed in Bastien's office in Tustin, Calif.

From the Orange County Business Journal

Issue Date: 5/22/00


When the film "The Haunting" was released last year, it bombed. The haunted castle, which was supposed to be in England's Berkshires, didn't look authentic, complained one reviewer, who wrote, "Fright often depends on verisimilitude and that gets sacrificed right off the bat."

But now the set from that movie is the office of Tustin architect Gary Bastien and, according to Bastien, it's a hit.

Studio building boom isn't over yet

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El Segundo Multi-Media Center is unveiled by the developer of Manhattan Beach Studios

Southern Calif. - Gary L. Bastien, AIA, the Hollywood studio architect who designed over 90% of the new studios in the LA area, landed another major studio project called El Segundo Multi Media Center. Just announced last week by Ron Flesch, who was also involved in the development of the highly successful Raleigh Manhattan Beach Studios, the mixed-use project has been well-received by city officials and entertainment industry insiders.

NBC's "Passions" soap opera moves into new Bastien facility at CBS Studio Center

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NBC's "Passions" soap opera moves into new facility at CBS Studio Center

Studio City, Calif. - The new "Passions" soap opera has signed a one year agreement to lease sound stages and support facilities from the studio. The show is currently in production for the 1999/2000 season, and has already moved into a new dressing room facility designed by Gary L. Bastien, AIA of Bastien and Associates, Inc. The show is scheduled to air July 5.

First on-campus working film and television studio coming soon to Chapman University

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Orange, Calif. - Irvine architect Gary L. Bastien, AIA of Bastien and Associates, Inc. has begun design of the first on-campus working studio and broadcast facility in the world. Bastien, who sits on the advisory board of Chapman University's School of Film and Television in Orange, Calif., says that the project has been in early masterplanning stages until the recent decision by university officials to proceed with further plans.

Bastien website incorporates Alta Vista Translation technology from Compaq

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Irvine, Calif. - Bastien and Associates, Inc. Architecture and Planning, the firm that is making its mark on Hollywood by designing nearly all of the new studios and sound stages in the Los Angeles area, is announcing plans to impact the global business of architecture on the Internet as well.

Bastien to add four new buildings to former Lockheed campus

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Santa Clarita, Calif. - Architect Gary L. Bastien, AIA of Bastien and Associates, Inc. is designing four R&D/industrial buildings for South Campus-Phase I of the Santa Clarita property formerly owned by Lockheed. The project, totaling approximately 204,000 s.f., is part of a $44 million master plan being implemented by the new owners, Legacy Partners (formerly Lincoln Properties).


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